Two Fine Ciders or Perries With A Crystal Tasting Glass

Ideal as a gift or just as a treat, this box contains two fine ciders or perries, which can be fully appreciated in a delicate crystal tasting glass.
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Choose from any of our fine cider or perry range, complemented by two Spiegelau Tulip tasting glasses. We will also include a handy Orchard Explorers bottle opener!

The tasting glasses are made from crystal glass, with a stem to allow holding the glass without warming the contents, while the tulip shape helps concentrate the aromas.

The fine ciders and perries available are all from makers renowned for the quality of their products, and can be found in some top-end restaurants in London. You may choose your own from the range (subject to availability), or if you do not indicate a preference, we will choose from the selection for you!


Gregg's Pit 2019 Barnet, Brandy & Winnals Longdon Herefordshire Perry 2019

This 5.5% ABV bottle conditioned perry has an abundance of delicate, fine bubbles and a beautiful flavour profile. It has a light golden colour, delicate, floral, clean notes of gooseberry and citrus to nose and palate with some residual sweetness and slight acidity to finish. It is lively so open with care!

Oliver's Fine Perry Pet Nat Season 2017

Oliver's Fine Perry Pét Nat Season 2017 is an exquisite traditional style, dry, pétillant naturel perry, zesty, light and refreshing with a natural sparkle.

Ross on Wye Thorn S.V.P. 2019 Pét Nat

Pét Nat or pétillant-naturel is a drink bottled before fermentation has finished, giving a natural sparkle without adding adding yeasts, sugars or carbonation at bottling time. This 6.0% ABV Thorn single variety has been disgorged and is a beautifully youthful yet complex perry.


Gregg's Pit Brown Snout, Chisel Jersey & White Close Pippin Herefordshire Cider 2019

Gregg's Pit Brown Snout, Chisel Jersey & White Close Pippin Herefordshire Cider 2019 is a traditional style, full-juice fine medium-dry cider which has been bottle conditioned to give a natural, lively sparkle.

Oliver's Fine Cider Yarlington Mill Season 2019

Oliver's Yarlington Mill is a traditional style, full juice, medium dry fine cider with a gentle sparkle, pressed in 2019.

Ross on Wye Raison d’Être Cider 2018

Ross on Wye Raison d’Être Cider 2018 is their flagship traditional-style, bottle conditioned, dry cider with a deliciously fruity, tannic and smoky taste.

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StyleChoice of Fine Cider/Perry
TasteDry to Medium
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