Cider Discovery Box

A carefully curated selection of 6 craft ciders to help initiate people on to their journey of cider discovery.
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At Orchard Explorers Club our mission is to help people to discover the breadth of flavour found in cider made from real, juicy apples. The huge variety of craft ciders available, whilst a blessing for the more experienced cider drinker, can sometimes be a little intimidating for those just beginning on their journey of cider discovery, so we have carefully curated this introductory selection box to help provide a delicious starting point.

The Cider Discovery Box contains 6 craft ciders from small and medium-sized producers across the UK with levels of sweetness ranging from medium to dry, making it suitable for a wide variety of palates. All of the bottles chosen are also suitable for vegans and coeliacs.

For more information on each cider and its maker please click the bottle links below:

Bushel + Peck - Slow + Easy Cider

Colcombe House - The Willie Gunn Cider

Cranborne Chase - The Smuggler Cider

Dorset Nectar - Wildcat Cider

Harry's Cider - Applemoor Cider

Once Upon a Tree - Medium Cider

For only £29 (including delivery!) these bottles will be accompanied by a tasting guide and will also include a handy Orchard Explorers bottle opener and drinks mats, to ensure you are fully equipped as you set off on your cider journey!

Product information
Attribute nameAttribute value
StyleMixed styles
TasteDry to Medium
Size6 x 500ml