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Isaac Cider is a new maker, that has been formed by the descendants of the great renowned scientist Sir Isaac Newton. The farm near Beaminster in Dorset has been in the family for three generations, since the 1920s, and they have been growing traditional cider apples commercially on their farm for over 60 years, selling to the big cider makers. After a number of seasons using some of the apples perfecting their own homebrew with which to celebrate the following spring with friends, in 2019 they decided to take the plunge, start a cider company and scale up production! After opening a shop on the farm, they sold out in just 16 weeks, and so increased production again in 2020 to make their cider more widely available.

Rollo makes the cider, ably assisted and guided by an old family friend, Bob, while Bertie does the ideas and graphics and Dad is the dogsbody. Isaac Cider is picked by friends, made by family, and best enjoyed with both!

Products from this maker

Isaac Cider Refraction Medium Sweet

Isaac Cider Refraction is a traditional-style,...

Isaac Cider Calculus Medium Dry

Isaac Cider Calculus is a traditional-style, sparkling,...