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Having bought The Cider Barn in 2015, Ian and Joe Marshall found themselves unwitting custodians of the traditional mixed orchard planted by Jean Nowell, and renowned cidermaker and mentor to many well-known local producers. Seeking advice from Jean, who still lived locally at the time, they felt they had a duty to continue her work and so Lyne Down Organics was born.

Having started out from Jean's recipe that she planted in the orchard, which contains around 30 varieties of cider apple, Ian and Joe have expanded their range and make single-variety specials, and have recently planted additional trees to support the development of their range. They press on-site using a twin bed hydraulic press. Once fermented, they allow their cider and perry to mature for another year before bottling. Much of the bottling is done themselves onsite.

In 2018 Lyne Down were delighted to win 2nd prize in the Draft Dry Perry category at the Big Apple Cider and Perry Trials.

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