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Tutts Clump

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Tutts Clump Cider is a family business based in West Berkshire, headed up by Tim Wale and assisted by his wife and daughters. Having initially started out as a hobby, they have been making award-winning cider and perry since 2006 and now produce over 60,000 litres of proper cider every year.  They source fruit from their own orchards, along with donations from local gardens and redundant orchards that would otherwise go to waste.

They make their products in line with CAMRA real cider guidelines, and so do not filter, pasteurise or carbonate their products. The only additives are sucralose and sulphites in small quantities. They do everything on-site, including bottling their own products. They are also concerned with sustainability, using up any unwanted apples locally and with any waste or unsuitable fruit and pomace given to local farmers to feed their pigs.

Tim and his family have won numerous awards at CAMRA festivals around the country, along with Best Local Drink Producer in Berkshire June 2016. Tutts Clump are SALSA accredited and are a Gold Standard Happerley Transparent Brand.

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