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Twisted Cider was created by Ben Weller in a barn at Spring Farm in Longburton, Dorset, nearly 10 years ago. They source fruit from local cider apple orchards around Longburton, supplemented by their own small unsprayed orchard. Fruit is pressed to make fresh juice and then and allowed plenty of time to ferment and mature. Their resulting ciders are a blend of juice from up to 16 traditional cider apple varieties.

Sadly, in June 2020, an electrical fault caused a fire that destroyed two barns, their shop, 5,000 litres of cider and some of the cider making equipment. However, with support from the local community, Twisted rallied against adversity, and within days returned to fulfilling orders and built a temporary shop. They are now working on a new barn that will become a more permanent home for their shop and equipment.

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