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Wilding Cider is based in Chew Magna and was set up by Beccy and Sam Leach after some years of hobby making. In 2018 they scaled up their production, however, they are still one of Somerset's smaller artisan cidermakers, producing less than 10,000 bottles a year.

Sam and Beccy cultivate and harvest traditional cider varieties from their own natural orchard, along with other unsprayed orchards they look after. Their 4.5 acre orchard has been planted since the 1760s, with some of the trees thought to be nearly 100 years old, and they have invested considerable effort in regenerating it and rebalancing the varieties in it, which will benefit generations of cidermakers.

In the relatively short time they have been operating, they have quickly made a name for themselves for the quality of their cider. They avoid additives and preservatives, preferring wild yeasts and natural techniques such as rural method (cold-racking to help fermentation finish early and retain natural sweetness), and allow their creations oodles of time to mature before releasing them.

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